Frequently Asked Questions About Air Conditioning & Heating

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What is most important to consider when choosing a new air conditioning unit?

When choosing a new unit you should consider its efficiency and your possible return on investment. When it’s time to choose the best air conditioning unit to fit your needs, North Texas HVAC’s technicians can help you to make the most logical decision.


How do I know if my AC Unit needs to be repaired, or replaced?

When trying to decide whether you need to repair your air conditioner, or replace it with a new one, ask: is the repair a temporary “bandaid” that could be more costly later on, or is it permanent solution for a unit that has significant life expectancy left? In many cases, it’s more cost-efficient for you to replace the unit, rather than continuing to pay for repairs, and then end up having to replace it anyway.


What do you mean by “Air Quality”, and why is it important for my home and family?

Air Quality is crucial to both you and your HVAC system. You need to breathe clean air just as the system does, if not, your performance is being greatly compensated. Some of today’s filtration systems are capable of filtering allergens, airborne viruses, and dirt much more effectively than they have in the past. Let us know your air quality concerns/needs, we’ve got the solution for you and your family.


Running my AC can get expensive, especially during the hot Texas summer months. Are there systems that can help me save money on my energy bills?

Today’s air conditioning and heating systems far exceed yesterday’s efficiency capabilities. With options up to 21 S.E.E.R., you can only imagine the savings reflected on your current electric bills today. Our technicians can explain all the system efficiency options and help you make the best decision on which system fits your needs.